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Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore

National IAS Academy is the best IAS coaching center in Bangalore. We have the top faculties for all the subjects like General Studies, Public Administration, History, Sociology, Political Science, Geography and Economics. Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore for Public Administration and Sociology.




Governance, Constitution and Polity Dr.Bun, Hyderabad
Economy and Economic Development Mr. Shivu Mishra (IAS 2013 Topper), Mr. Arjun
Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude Dr. Kumar, Chennai, A.Manikandan, New Delhi. Dr. Bun, Hyderabad.
Indian Heritage & Culture Sunil Verma, Chandigarh. Mr.Murali, Bangalore. Ms. Nimika, Mangalore
History of India and the World Prof. Jagadeshwari, Bangalore. Mr. Sunil B N, Bangalore
Geography of India & the World Prof. N Devraju, Mangalore. Ms. Priya, Chennai.
Science & Technology Mr. Shivu Mishra (IAS 2013 Topper), Bangalore
General Science Ms. Shilpa, Chennai
Social Justice & Social Welfare and Current National Issues Mr. Sunil B N, Bangalore
India & the World and International Issues and Organisations Mr. Loyola, New Delhi, Dr.Hari Prasad, New Delhi
Topics of Social Relevance Ambuj Kumar, New Delhi
Biodiversity, Environment & Ecology and Disaster Management Dr.Vinay, New Delhi. Ms.Niharika, Bangalore. Mr. Sunil B N, Bangalore.
Internal Security (Specially Internal Security) Dr. Hari Prasad, New Delhi
Current Affairs Sunil B N, Bangalore


Comprehension A.Manikandan, New Delhi
Data Interpretation Ms. Likitha, Bangalore
Data Sufficiency Maneesh, New Delhi
Decision Making & Problem Solving A.Manikandan, New Delhi
Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability A.Manikandan, New Delhi
Basic Numeracy Ms.Likitha, Bangalore
English Language and Comprehension Skills A.Manikandan, New Delhi
Interpersonal Communication Skills A.Manikandan, New Delhi


Public Administration Dr. Bun, Hyderabad
History Sunil Verma, New Delhi
Sociology Mr. Shivu Mishra (IAS 2013 Topper), Bangalore
Political Science Dr. Bun, Hyderabad
Geography Ms. Priya, Chennai
Economics Mr. Shivu Mishra (IAS 2013 Topper), Bangalore. Mr.Arjun, Bangalore